Business Advisory Services

As a business owner myself, I realize that business owners of all sizes need good legal counsel but most do not have their own in-house general counsel. Nevertheless, when a question arises about compliance with a new state or federal law, an agreement needs a legal review, or a bill requires collection, the business owner needs an attorney who is practical, reliable, and budget conscious. This firm strives to meet this need.


A client received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service charging the company with a very large Employer Shared Responsibility Payment under the Affordable Care Act. After a thorough review of IRS filings and employee records, I was able to reduce their penalty by over 80 percent. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance and this was a dramatic reduction, but both we and the client were thrilled with the result.

A client experienced exponential growth over a five or six year period. During that time, the company leadership was consumed with growing the business and meeting and exceeding client expectations. At the same time, the growing company now faced additional regulatory and compliance requirements and needed someone to address those requirements. We started by gathering as much information as possible about the company and then began a systematic review of applicable regulations at both the state and federal level. The next step is to implement policies and procedures to assure compliance.

This firm produces a bi-monthly newsletter in partnership with Northeast Talent Solutions, LLC discussing recent trends in employment and Human Resources law.

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